iPad iOS 8.xx to 9.xx - what would I loose?


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Oct 21, 2012
Capri - Italy
My old iPad 2 is nothing else than an ornament, I mainly used it to read ebooks I would store on my Mac through the iBooks app and upload on the iPod with iTunes.

All of a sudden I realized a lot of free space on my iPad and all the books gone, also found out that iTunes would not allow synch them any longer and that Apple, once again, thinks we are like lemons to squeeze each and every year with a new iOS device and a new iOS-MacOS release.

I never updated my iPad past iOS 8.xx and don't remember the reason, highest allowed iOS seems to be 9.xx but I wonder if worth the pain to upgrade (I recall it being slow on the iPad 2) and how to again be able to upload my epub and pdf files onto the iPad to remove dust off of it and keeping use it to read digital media.

Thank you



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Feb 26, 2016
Bloomingdale, GA
iOS 9 is slow on A5 devices for sdure- but iOS 8 is too. In my opinion, iOS 7 was the last version to run smoothly on A5 chips. Depending on which iPad 2 you have, you can actually downgrade back in the future, by restoring all the way back to iOS 6 and then updating to 8.4.1.