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Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by darw100, Oct 13, 2017.

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    Oct 13, 2017
    Some quick background before my question. I am familiar with iOS and have owned a couple iPhones in the past (a 4S and a 5). I have been using a Windows Phone for the last 3 1/2 years (Lumia Icon) and have enjoyed the speed, wonderful OLED screen, wireless charging, etc. on that phone all that time. The Lumia has a 5 inch screen but the system was designed for very easy one handed use with the back button on the bottom. The Windows Phone has about 80% of the apps I need and I can get most of my remaining needs via the browser so the app gap is not a major issue. Since Microsoft has pretty much pulled the plug on mobile, I'm forced to choose Android or Apple. Since Google is basically evil, I will be going to Apple.

    Having used iOS in the past with the smaller screens, the user design interface worked well because everything on the screen was easily within reach of the thumb. The newer phones of at least 4.7 inches the last couple years don't seem to have prompted Apple to adjust its iOS design. Since most users are right handed and most menus, "back to" options, etc. are in the upper left hand corner, I find interface pretty frustrating despite coming from a larger phone. It seems that one handed use with these bigger screen iPhones forces you to readjust your grip for one handed use making the risk of drops much higher. Reachability helps but that means I am constantly double tapping the home button just to navigate around.

    While I'm sure everyone here is used to it and probably does not think about this constant reaching across the screen, but coming from another platform really highlighted this frustrating design. Are there any rumors or discussions about Apple changing designs in future releases (iOS 12+) to maybe bring the menu options, etc. to the bottom? I have found this interaction with the top left corner makes using the iPhone a significantly slower experience versus the Windows Phone from this one Apple design choice. Any insight about plans (or tips) would be appreciated.
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    Many apps support basic gestures like swiping to go back or forward. Many also have controls at the bottom, although certainly many don't.
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    As mentioned by c dm, the back button isn’t necessary to tap on in iOS. Swipe from anywhere on the left edge of the screen to go back. This is iOS wide and that includes 3rd party apps.
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    Oct 13, 2017
    Thank You!!! I would be surprised if Apple had not addressed this. The tip is very much appreciated!
  5. NoBoMac, Oct 13, 2017
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    OP got some great replies. So, just a comment/observation.

    Not a fan of the larger screens, no matter which environment, per quote above. Even with my relatively large (humble brag) hands at times feels unwieldly.

    Although a righty in most aspects of life, I am a lefty with one handed phone operation. I find basic tapping is easily done with the left hand and thumb for one hand operation, and then the predominant right hand is used for typing chores. Also frees up the right hand for other tasks (eg. Phone in left hand and up to left ear or working phone while maybe using mouse with right).

    For me, holding the phone in the right hand just feels weird.
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    I do most things one-handed on my 7+, with few issues. Occasionally I have to use Reachability; not often. But I may be using different apps than you.

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