ipad 1st Gen disabled...tried everything!


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Feb 18, 2014
Ok, so I bought an iPad 1st ten 16GB AT&T 3G, from ebay that was disabled. I knew the iPad was disabled and I purchased it thinking it would be an easy fix because I have fixed several disabled iPhones without a problem.
Ive searched tirelessly through websites, including Apple, with no luck:confused: . Things I know:
  • Ipad charges from a wall charger,
    ipad not recognized by computer or itunes,
    ipad not recognized by other computers or itunes,
    ipad (when shut off completely) will turn back on by plugging it into laptop,
    DFU mode still renders ipad unrecognizable by computer and itunes,
    sleep and home button combo to get itunes logo with USB cord screen also does not work (even tried the holding home 'trick' and letting go when screen appears).

    I am completely bummed and out of ideas, if theres anyone who could help me out it would be greatly appreciated!
    BTW: iPad only says "iPad is Disabled, connect to iTunes" with no passcode access or time limit countdown.



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Jan 24, 2010
Replacing the logicboard with a known good one will very likely fix the iPad's problems unless the dock connector is the broken part.