iPad Pro iPad Pro 10.5 (3rd Gen) Won't Share Audio


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Dec 13, 2010
Denver, CO
I'm hoping someone can help me with a situation I'm having. It's my understanding, based on this Apple support article, that the 10.5" iPad Pro should support audio sharing under iPad OS 13. On that article, when you click supported devices iPad Pro (10.5 inch) is clear listed. Yet when I connect my AirPods 2 and Beats Solo3 I can only play audio through one of them. I know the issue is not with either set of headphones, as I am able to get this working perfectly on my iPhone XS.

The steps I've taken so far have been:
1: Confirm that firmware is up to date on both the AirPods and Beats.
2: Hard reset the iPad.
3: Unpair both sets of head phones by selecting "Forget this device" in the bluetooth settings.
4: Reset both sets of headphones. This involved holding the button on the AirPods case until the light was white. I also held the power button on the Beats until the charge indicators blinked. When I released the button one of the lights flashed red (this is expected).
5: Repair both sets of head phones.
6: Follow the usual steps for sharing audio from control center and from other apps, such as music.

Despite all of this I'm only have to have audio on one of the headphones. Does anyone have any ideas what to try next? I'm leaving for a trip Friday, so I would like to have this sorted out by then.
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