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iPad Pro 10.5 problem with Bluetooth mouse and keyboard


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Apr 2, 2019
I have an iPad Pro 10,5" and am using it with an external Bluetooth Apple Magic keyboard and Magic mouse II. It works for a while and then the keyboard becomes very flakey - it takes a long time to respond and gets spurious inputs. Turning off the mouse immediately corrects the problem. This is apparently a Bluetooth interference problem between the mouse and keyboard.

Apple acknowledges this problem by warning on the Bluetooth page that the mouse might cause Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity issues. I also have an iPad mini 5 which doesn't have these problems. I really like this iPad Pro and will not buy a newer iPad Pro to solve this. Has anyone found a work-around for this problem?

I have tried a different mouse (Logitech) and it has the same problem. I have moved the system to a place where there are fewer BT devices and the problem persists. Rebooting and resetting network preferences don't help - the problem goes away for a while (an hour to a day) then comes back.

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