iPad iPad SMS Messages wont sync "read"


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Apr 24, 2013
New Orleans
So I have my SMS forwarding on my iphone to my iPad. They come up just fine. However, when I read SMS messages on my phone, the iPad still has them on unread until I open them from my iPad. Whyyyyy? Ive turned iMessages off, restarted, turned back on on both devices, but still does it. I do have the iPhone 11 Pro with dual sim, could that be causing an issue? Both are on the latest version of the OS. For reference, its an iPad Pro 11"


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Feb 11, 2008
I've had the same issue between my phone and watch for a few weeks now. Certain group texts come through fine on the watch but others have broken out into individual texts. Tried deleting/re-adding the group and the same issue persists.