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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Ubuntu, Aug 13, 2010.

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    Greetings all,

    I'm from the UK and I decided to order some protective screens for my iPhone 4. I couldn't make up my mind, nor warrant paying £11 and £3 postage for one single screen so I decided to use ebay. Found a pack of 10 screens for £3 (so yes I thought they'd be awful) and am actually really impressed. I won't link directly because I'm not sure if that's even allowed and nor is this my own product but I just wanted to spread the word.

    I had the SGP screen on before but my little cousin peeled it off - which was rather annoying - so I tried these out. Can hardly tell the difference although these show fingerprints just as much as the iPhone screen itself (whereas the SGP one was slightly better) but they're easily to apply (vacuum rather than adhesive which I prefer personally) and no negative effect on the display quality. The feel is pretty much the same.

    So I'd recommend them as you would be saving a nice amount of money and there are plenty on ebay.

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    Oh post the link lol. Its allowed. Kinda dumb to recommend a product and not give a link to it lol
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    Please post the link OP.

    I got a free screen protector with a silicone case that I bought from ebay. The protector had some weird glitter effect and wasn't completely clear. I wouldn't mind trying out some more cheaper screen protectors before I end up buying an expensive one. I just don't know which to try because some of the cheap ones are actually ok from previous experience and some are pure garbage and not clear at all.

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