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iPhone 12 Pro Iphone 12 pro max gap issue between Rim and display - Serious issue?


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Sep 29, 2012
does the phone work ?

if it does don't worry about it stop looking for issues enjoy your phone
I remember when I first got the 4s, there was a gap between the back plate and the metal band near the camera. You could actually fit more than a piece of paper in it. Anyway I was going to return it, but then thought to myself, the camera still works and the rest of the phone works. I put a case on it and promptly forgot about it until I took the case off the following year after buying a 5.


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Nov 20, 2020

Apple fined 10 million euros over “misleading” iPhone waterproofing claims​

Italy’s anti-trust authority AGCM or Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato has fined Apple 10 million euros (roughly $12 million) for ‘misleading’ claims on the water resistance capacity of its iPhones.

Clearly shows the iPhone doesn't have water resistance. This gap may hamper.
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