IPhone 3G in Australia: Information needed from iphone owners on Australia or experts

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by preguntonontrac, Jul 24, 2008.

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    So i have been tracking this sealed iphone 3g and most of them come from Australia. Based on what i have read on this threads the iphone in Australia is "unlocked". So i want to know information about how they sell there and prices:

    -First i ant to know if it is subsided and the prices, also the prices of the regular price if possible in USd if not especify so i calculate the coin exchange value?

    -How is the buying experiences and steps when buying an iphone there?

    this one is important, if you cancel and sell it on ebay what are the penalties, how much they cost and how many of them? for example for cancelling 100 $ and for not returning the phone 200$.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Mar 12, 2008
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    Okay I totally did not understand most of it, but I'll try to answer what I got from you...

    Basically in Australia, there are 4 major mobile carriers - 3 of them sell the iPhone: Optus, Telstra, Vodafone.

    There are two paths (technically 3) when buying a phone here. Post-paid plan (contract) or Pre-paid plan/Outright.

    With the iPhone, each of the 3 carriers sell them on contracts. At this very moment, only Optus sell them on Pre-paid plan and only Telstra sell them outright, but only to Telstra customers.

    With Optus' Pre-paid plans, the iPhones are network locked, meaning that any Optus SIM card will work in the phone. But they also allow unlocking so that any SIM from any network will be able to use the iPhone, that costs AUD$80 alone, or AUD$80 in Pre-paid usage credit "recharges". Also, after 6 months there are no unlocking fees.

    Telstra sell them "outright", but technically it is NOT outright, as it is still locked to the Telstra network. The unlocking fee is AUD$150.

    The above two sell for roughly AUD$730 for the 8GB, and AUD$850 for the 16GB.

    There are also subsidised prices, but only on contracts. You can research those yourself.

    The buying process is fairly simple. On pre-paid or outright, you pay the money, you walk out of the store - easy as that. On a contract however, the iPhone is activated in store, usually takes about 10-20 minutes, depending on whether the customer wants to port their old phone number to the new contract, or get a completely new number. There's some forms to fill in, etcetc. Contracted iPhones are LOCKED to their respective network.

    Generally, the iPhones you find on eBay are from Optus pre-paid or Telstra outright. The sellers have paid the unlocking fee and are still getting profit, because of the scarcity of pre-paid or outright iPhones. They are all sold out so far. And there is no word of stock arriving anytime soon.

    Hope that's answered everything.

    Also, there's a massive iPhone Australia thread with heaps of discussion and information:

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    Damn the unlocking situation for iPhones keeps getting better and better (no sarcasm intented). This is brilliant really... It's happening slowly but surely... soon there will be a solution in every single country.. YAY!!! REJOICE TO THE LORD!! AMEN!!
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    Lol and you did not understand, great answer thanks a lot ;)

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