iPhone 3G S being delivered tomorrow: Can I activate w/o two year contract? (AT&T)

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by I'm a Mac, Jun 18, 2009.

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    I'm on AT&T (signed the two year contract when the first-gen came out) and I pre-ordered the new iPhone, at the subsidized price- but the order says activation is through iTunes. Is it possible to activate the new phone through some devTeam program, pop in my old sim card, and then use all of the features of the 3G S without signing the new contract? I don't want/need to unlock or jailbreak it because I don't want to void the warranty or being prevented from downloading updates.
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    Nope - you get the subsidized price, you get the new contract. But if you want to upgrade in 2010 you could whine next year like so many of teh 3G owners have and AT&T might cave.
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    How will AT&T know though? They haven't even seen that I made the purchase yet, or they have not reflected that in my myWireless account. But even still, I should be eligible for an upgrade next year anyway, or at least I think so. (AT&T might make you eligible for an early upgrade if your bill is above a certain amount).
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    Sorry to disappoint you but they'll know. They know they shipped you an iPhone, and they checked your credit prior to agreeing to give it to you for the cheaper price. If you don't activate an iPhone on your account within 30 days, they'll expect that phone back or bill you for the non contract price. I would assume that would be charged to whatever credit card or debit card you gave them to buy it.
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    The fact that you made the purchase means you'll be paying 500 or 600 dollars in 30 days if you don't sign up.
  7. mak10 macrumors regular

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    Actually if you log onto your account on the at&t website you're contract date is probably already moved up 2 years, mine was. I have been out of contract since 2003, ordered the iPhone 3GS on the 12th, now my contract extends through 2011.

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