iPhone 3GS, 3.1.3, 05.12.01 - Spirit OK?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by mac&cheesey, May 22, 2010.

  1. mac&cheesey macrumors 6502

    Dec 21, 2008
    If I understand correctly I can use Spirit to perform an untethered Jailbreak on my iPhone with these specs: iPhone 3GS, 3.1.3 and Modem Firmware 05.12.01. Is that correct?

    I am totally new to the JailBreaking world. Once I jailbreak it with Spirit can I ever take that same iPhone back to a "virgin", unbroken state... so that you can't even tell it's been JailBroken?

    Do I need to do anything prior to the JB? I've read something about "saving blobs" but I have no idea what that means.

    Also, any chance of "bricking" my iPhone? Is this a serious risk? Any recovering from it if I do?

    All this for mywi! :eek:

    Anything I need to know about mywi? I've read that the "no rock" version is preferred but I have no idea what that means.

    Sorry for the noob questions and thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Macman756 macrumors 6502a


    Sep 24, 2008
    Atlanta, GA
    Spirit is fine, I don't know when you bought your phone so Spirit is your best bet. Some early 3GSs can be untethered with BlackRa!n, but go ahead with Spirit.

    As for the saving blobs, or hashes, no, that's only to revert back to a previous OS version.

    And yes and no on the revert "virgin" state. A simple restore in iTunes will totally wipe out any jailbreak, and someone looking at it could never tell, BUT, if you take it to Apple, when they plug it into Behavior Scan, it will say it's been jailbroken... Just something to thing about.

    Hope that helps!!!
  3. Naethyn macrumors regular


    Feb 6, 2010
    I always thought that when if you SSH all the jailbreak information out of your phone/touch and then DFU Restore it the Apple Stores Behavior Scan can't notice a thing.

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