iPhone 3GS on Vodafone UK - Does "unlimited texts" mean unlimited MMS as well?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mogzieee, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. mogzieee macrumors 6502a

    Feb 8, 2008
    London, UK
    Hi folks,

    I have ordered myself an iPhone from Vodafone which I will receive tomorrow - which is basically:

    16GB White 3GS, 24 month.
    300 mins, Unlimited texts and unlimited web (1GB fair use).

    But here is the thing - does "unlimited inclusive texts" include unlimited MMS messages? I had a look at the pricing table, and it says that picture messages cost 36p each, and video 60p each, though these are labelled as "out of bundle charges"...

    If I were to guess, I'd imagine I have to pay for every MMS message on top of my contract - but it's worth checking just in case.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. androiphone macrumors 65816

    Dec 13, 2009
    if it's like o2 they will be extra :( but I would personally use email since you have unlimited data therefore unlimited email (upto the 'unlimited cap')
  3. mogzieee thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Feb 8, 2008
    London, UK
    Yeah, I'd imagine I'd have to pay extra. Oh well. Although good thinking with the email, I'll just do that!

    And now to wait for my delivery any time between 0800 and 1800... Argh! Way to long to wait!!
  4. kAoTiX macrumors 6502


    Oct 14, 2008
    Midlands, UK
    Not sure about on contract by my o2 PAYG iPhone SIM would have 500 free sms messages if I topped up with £15 and this included MMS (MMS they said is equivelant to 2 SMS)

    Unsure if this would apply to Vodafone, probably best to call them up to be honest.
  5. iBrody macrumors 6502

    Jun 11, 2008
    After my O2 contract ended I moved to a 30 day sim-only contract with Voda and have 300 mins, unlimited texts and 500mb data for £15pm.

    MMS does not form part of the unlimited texts.
  6. Gav2k macrumors G3


    Jul 24, 2009
    Vodafone is not like o2 where you use 4 of your included messages for an mms message.

    On vodafone they charge you for mms's as they have said 'out of bundle charges'
  7. Aravintht macrumors 6502a

    Jun 7, 2007
    London, UK

    MMS are charged outside your text message allowance, I learnt that the hard way!
  8. John T macrumors 68020

    John T

    Mar 18, 2006
    I'm on the original O2 £35 tariff - 600 minutes, 500 texts and unlimited Web. I 'phoned them yesterday to see if it was possible to "upgrade" to unlimited texts as advertised.

    I was advised that if I use MMS to any extent, it's best to stay with the original "500" option because they are now charged for. Needless to say, I've left things as they are!
  9. getti macrumors member

    May 12, 2006
    If your on Vodafone you can add 50MMS for £2 (£2.50 i cant remember). Just call 191 and they will put it on for you
  10. Chris3125 macrumors member

    Aug 20, 2005
    Glad I stumbled on this, I was about to do the same thing, don't use a lot of texts but thought I might as well give it a go, glad I found this first!
  11. rssfed23 macrumors member

    Jun 5, 2008
    Southampton, UK
    Im on O2 - originally had the 500txts option, and upgraded to unlimited.
    Before MMS costed me 4 inclusive txts, and with the unlimited txts it still uses 4 of my "inclusive" txts! - which basically means I have 500txts /4 worth of MMSs to send as TXTs done come out of the inclusive allowance :)
  12. koollectablz macrumors 6502

    Feb 1, 2009
    You sure about that? When I called up to inquire about the unlimited text option I was told specifically that MMS were no longer part of that tariff and that they would be charged for...

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