iPhone 3GS Used Over 1 GB Of Data In 2 days

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  1. Alex318 macrumors newbie

    Sep 20, 2010
    Cliff notes at the bottom of the post.

    Long time lurker, first time poster, I've looked on google and searched on this forum but I could not find a specific answer for this problem. I've been having a problem with my wife's iPhone 3gs, this used to be my phone and its now active on her line, she had a regular "feature" phone so she could only get either 200MB or 2GB plan. I thought 2 GB would be enough since i never managed to go over 1GB myself wile I had it.

    Well we activated on her account on sept 8th and she has now used over 3 gb of data with 1 GB used in the last couple of days. When she got near 2 GB at first I fthought she was just using it a lot since its her first iphone, i figured youtube, browsing and internet radio can and will add up pretty quick.

    Today/yesterday depending on your time zone, she showed me an alert from AT&T stating that she had used 75% of the additional 1 GB of data she was charged for going over her 2 GB limit a couple of days ago.

    She said she hasn't used much data in the last couple of days since she know its an additional $10/GB. I told her something must be trying to connect or is connecting to the internet and its using up her data, I tried checking settings push/fetch is off (she has no email/facebook/myspace/twitter on her phone) so no notifications are being sent to the phone from these services, safari tabs were closed and nothing seemed to be running on the background.

    I though that was a lot of data to use even for a heavy user so I ran a little test on the phone I went and reset usage under settings and shut the screen off for about 5 minutes, once I turned the screen on and checked usage it had used 16 MB received 1.9 sent, shut screen off again for about 5 6 min and usage went to 32 MB received 3.2 sent. I tuned 3g off and cellualr data at that point until we figure it out whats going on.

    My question is what could be using that much data on this phone and how do I stop it short of shutting down 3g/cellular data.

    The 32 MB bit was logged around 5 hours ago I had her shut off cellular data since then, had her test a couple of different settings and it jumped to 98 MB. Its now 12 am central time and I just received the email notification from AT&T that she exceeded the additonal 1 GB so there goes another $10.

    I'm unable to further troubleshoot the phone since she's at home sleep. I've been at work since 8, I'm just trying to see if anybody else experienced the same problem, I really don't want to restore her phone. Some of the things she likes the most about the phone can only be done if the phone is jailbroken, its a pain to have to set everything up again. But if that what we have to do then we will.

    Additional info: Firmware version 4.0.01 Jailbroken with jailbreakme.com
    Cheap gas
    phone finder
    wunder radio
    at&t my wireless
    3g unrestrictor
    make it mine
    guitar hero
    bite sms
    toggle ssh
    bejeweled 2
    luck 7 slots
    resident evil 4
    police radio
    all in one jokes
    love test
    lover test
    yo mama
    and of course cydia and rock

    I don't know if the list of apps it's helpful or not I just figure I'll throw it out there maybe I'm missing something. Thanks in advance.

    Cliff notes:
    Upgraded phone gave old iphone to my wife. ;)
    She activated 2 gb data plan roughly 2 weeks ago :D
    Used over 1 gb of data in the last 48 hours :eek:
    Reset usage under setting then monitored usage :cool:
    Phone using roughly 2MB of data per min on standby :confused:
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    Mar 3, 2008
    I suggest getting rid of 3G unrestrictor. Those who are more familiar with JB programs will tell you of any other data hogs.
  3. chargit macrumors 6502a


    Jan 17, 2010
    Evansville, In
    well I would go to AT&T and show them. 99% of the guys working there are JB so dont worry about that. I would show them your test in front of them. maybe they can adjust your bill for you. but as second poster suggested you may need to look into a few of the apps you have. they may be data hoggs. I would remove all of them and run your test again. you obviously have a list of what you had and its really no big deal putting them back on again. I would delete Rock and never install it again. then put your apps back on one at a time checking your data as you go. best of luck!
  4. Alex318 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 20, 2010
    Thanks for the responses, the culprit was 3g unrestrictor, I had the feeling that this was the problem all along, but I didn't have the chance to check her phone til' this morning.

    I did not remove it but I blocked/removed the access to all the apps but one, youtube, I turned cellular data and 3g back on around 12 PM and the usage was at 100 MB its now almost 11 PM (she did a bit browsing since then) and its now sitting at 104 MB, so it seems like it's fixed, I just told her to keep an eye on it.

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