iPhone 4 - Battery drain & high CPU Utilization

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jeff526, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Both my iPhone 4 and iPad are experiencing sudden loss in battery life. I used to leave my iPad unplugged for weeks and it would not loose charge; now it is draining after a day sitting idle. Given that the change was so dramatic I did not feel it was a result of old batteries rather a rogue process. I haven't installed any new apps, but I am very diligent about updates. I've been running iOS 6.01 since it was released

    I installed the app "System Status" and confirmed my theory - the CPU on my iPhone 4 and iPad is pretty much stuck at 100% - compared to my wife's 4S that is ~5-10%. I definitely have more apps than my wife, but we both have the same most used apps - Flipboard, Facebook, Imo as well as iTunes match.

    I tried resetting both of my devices and running with minimal apps. This seemed to work for my iPad, but not my iPhone. What is the best way to determine the apps that are eating up CPU?
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    If you are fully backed up and it wouldn't be too much of a problem, you could do a DFU Restore on the device.

    You have already tried a power off/on which would have been the first suggestion.

    Does the battery drain fast immediately after a power/off/on without ANY apps being opened or touched?

    What Apps are using Location Services? Does the drain stop when you turn off Location Services? Push notifications?

    Change one thing at a time and observe.

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