iPhone 4 battery issue-any suggestions?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mjhulik, Mar 6, 2012.

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    I've been have wondering if anyone has been having battery issues? I charged my phone took it off charge this morning at 6:30 and now it lost 15% already in two hours! Any ideas on why it's lossing its charge so fast? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks to all of you.

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    I can usually go about 2 days before I need a full recharge on my 4S.

    On a iPhone 4, I would assume you could go longer.

    Here's what I typically do:

    1. Don't charge your phone until it's at least 20% or lower. For best results, let it go all the way down to zero, letting your device shut itself off. But if you don't have time to burn it down completely, 20% or less is a good spot.

    2. Always charge it to 100% before unplugging/undocking it. Don't do a partial charge, don't unplug it and then plug it back in again. Just let it charge up to 100% uninterrupted. Also, it's OK if you let it overcharge for a couple hours. (Like if you plug it in before you go to bed and don't unplug it until the next morning. I do that all the time and the phone usually keeps its charge in the 90 to 99% range for a couple hours in the morning just on standby.)

    3. Use WIFI instead of 3G whenever possible.

    4. Double-click your home button, hold down the icons on the lower bar and X-out the apps you are not currently using. Those icons down there are active apps that are in standby mode. If there are apps in standby mode you're not even using at the moment, close them because they are hogging up RAM and using battery life.

    5. Lower you screen brightness.

    6. Limit the Fetching frequency or Push Notifications on some of your more active apps (Facebook, Twitter, e-mail clients, breaking news apps, etc...). The more apps you have checking for notifications and updates, the more battery power your phone is going to use to do it. (especially over 3G instead of WIFI). I have all most of apps set to only check for updates if I open them up manually. I only have my e-mail checking automatically, and it's set to only check once an hour. But this of course depends on your own personal needs - if you need constant updates, then you'll have to configure stuff to your own personal needs.

    ....these are things to check for starters.

    99% of battery issues revolve around these things.

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