iPhone 4 (CDMA) huge battery life drop after updating to 5.1.1


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Jul 8, 2010
Any other iPhone 4 owners experience the same? Previous to the update, overnight the phone would drop 4-5% (over 8 hours). Now it drops about 15%, which is a pretty significant difference. I do have some Cydia apps installed but they were also installed when I was running 5.0.1 so I don't think they're the culprits. Other than that, I tend to keep the background processes clean and have never used any push features for any app. It's unfortunate because I used to be able to get about 24 hours of use out of a single charge and now seems like I have to charge at least a couple times a day.


Dec 7, 2010
I charge my iPhone 4 everynight so I don't know.

But it seems fine in regular usage. I haven't noticed any significant drops or ups in daily usage.


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May 9, 2012
my verizon cdma 4s gets a lot hotter...especially when charging...I was hoping it wasnt the jailbreak...I don't ever remember the back feeling that hot. This was only noticed since going to 5.1.1


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Jul 25, 2006
paradise beach FL
I suspect it is one or more of your tweaks, and not Absinthe. I am iPhone 4 CDMA iOS 5.1.1 and my battery stays at 99-100% four hours after charging in standby mode after jailbreak. Now when I fire up Cydia and start hammering them poor tired repo servers, yes my phone gets hot. :p
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