iPhone 4 does not turn on w/o wall charger and have wifi bluetooth greyed out

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    Dec 28, 2011
    1. iPhone 4 does not turn on without wall charger. Connecting it to Mac/PC shows apple logo for few seconds and then dies. Same process continues forever. The phone was purchased contract free (not factory unlocked) from US but I am in India right now. It is currently on iOS 4.3.3 bb 1.59.00 jailbroken by Pwnage and unlocked via ultrasn0w. Its been around 18 months since purchase so its out of of warranty and anyway, it was jailbroken long back.

    2. When plugged in wall charger, it does turn on. But it search for networks and then say no service. Under Settings screen WiFi is greyed out and says not available. Under Settings > General > About there is no modem fw #, IMEI #, Wifi is N/A, Bluetooth address is 00:00:00:00. Under Settings > General > Network there is only VPN option.

    3. Though I can put the phone in recovery and DFU mode both. It is currently on iOS 4.3.3 bb 1.59.00. I have SHSH blobs saved for this and all previous version via TU. But unlucky with restore. iTunes extracts the fw says verifying with APPLE store, iPhone shows a white screen but then the same problem...dies > shows apple logo black screen > dies > Show apple ...
    And then iTunes keeps on giving variety of errors 16xx, 2001, 2004, 3014 etc. Different errors with different fw I try to restore to. I have tried both the option with 4.3.3 restore and 5.0.1 upgrade, with host file pointing to cydia as well as gs.apple.com hashed out. Tried all these with different combination with Redsn0w (with preserve bb option) and TU and iTunes.

    4. I have also tried hard reset, restting network/all settings. Erase all contents. But none worked. I am currently trying a pseudo reflow, while I am writing this post, where you put phone in freezer for few minutes and blow dry with hot air dryer.

    I tried the forum for similar issues but all the options suggested did not help or not applicable in my case. One good post was from DrunkenNinja user.

    Please let me know if anyone can help me out on getting things straight with my iPhone 4.

    Thanks for reading this!
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    No reply since 3 days... :(
    I would appreciate your help guys.

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