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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ladysman, Oct 9, 2014.

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    I was given an ATT iphone 4 and want to unlock it (recommendations on getting unlocked for free or cheap) and use a “prepaid, no contract” carrier so my daughter can have a way to call us or text us in an emergency. I’m in the US and looking for recommendations on
    1) Prepaid carrier to use (Any will do as the coverage is pretty good for Verizon, ATT, Tmobile where she will use it most.
    2) If the phone isn’t unlocked, I’ll attempt to try and have ATT unlock it (My family gave us the iphone 4) but if that isn’t successful, who is the cheapest or free that can unlock the iphone 4?

    Thanks for the help everyone! I know many here can recommend/good advice!
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    1. Verizon is out of the question. The AT&T iPhone 4 doesn't have CDMA hardware needed for Verizon's network.

      Does your daughter need cellular data? If not, Cricket Wireless has a $25/mo unlimited talk and text plan. If she only needs it for emergency and doesn't use a lot of minutes or messages, then Pay As You Go from H2O Wireless or AirVoice cost as little as $10/90 days. The good thing about these three is they are all AT&T MVNOs so you can use your AT&T locked iPhone just fine. My cousin uses AirVoice on her AT&T iPhone 4S and I've used H2O on backup phones. Heck, I've even used my H2O SIM on my AT&T locked iPhone 6 Plus purchased via Next financing.

      If your daughter needs data, then the least expensive I know of are:
      • Straight Talk: $45 unlimited talk, text and data
      • Cricket Wireless: $35/1GB or $45/3GB or $55/10GB LTE, unlimited talk & text
      • T-Mobile: $30/5GB LTE, 100 minutes, unlimited text

    2. If you go with AT&T or an AT&T-based MVNO, you don't even have to unlock your iPhone. Just insert new SIM and you're good to go. If going T-Mobile, try ebay for cheap unlocking.

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