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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jwjiske, Mar 30, 2013.

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    Mar 30, 2013
    Hello. Had a quick question. I recently got a new work phone that is the same operating system as my barely 3 month old personal phone, windows phone 8. Different models but essentially the same phone. I'm wanting to trade someone my Lumia 822(4G) phone for an iPhone, I understand I'd be going from 4G to 3G so the downgrade in speed I get but when at home or somewhere that has it I use wi-fi. Currently the only people I've gotten to respond are someone with a 2 year old iPhone 4 16GB, of which I dont belive he is using, and a less than 1 month old 8GB iPhone 4. I'm one that likes to download apps and take photos. I dont really put my music on there as when I listen music I usually use Pandora and just use my 30 GB iPod in the car. In an ideal world I would go with at least a 16GB. The person with the 16GB has stopped contacting me so right now my only viable option is 8GB. I understand I could sell the Nokia for around $200 but I dont want to go with the hassle. So do yall think that this would suffice me until I can upgrade again, which would be in 2014 sometime? I know the storage space would be an issue, about 2GB for the OS leaving me with 6GB for everything else. If I did something where I took my photos off often or sycnched them with something like Instagram, do you think I could make this work with the rest of the space for apps? Im just intrigued by the 8GB option because Im told its only been used for about 3 weeks and its a newer phone. Thoughts?
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    No. Don't go with a 4 period no matter the capacity. It's really starting to show its age and it will only continue to get worse. Don't settle for anything less than a 4s. You'd be trading a phone that was released last November for a phone that came out in summer 2010. Phones have come a long way since then.
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