Iphone 4 REPORT - Converstion done and whats the fuss?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by getrusty, Oct 11, 2010.

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    So despite the avalanche of "OMG the iphone doesn't work because of antenna gate" through the media .... I am sitting here scratching my head after 3 weeks of running the 32 GB iPhone 4 after I took my iphone 3GS down in flames with a serious blow the phone I have loved for sometime.

    SO.... WHAT THEY HECK.... I have not had any problems with the Iphone 4. I live in the Chicago area. I have traveled through the San Francisco bay area, Southern Wisconsin and a few other areas and the iPhone 4 has been SOLID. No dropped calls, No shaky service .... nope its been a great phone.

    Its been better than the Iphone 3 my wife has hands down and compared to my 3GS .... its better and faster.

    I am using a bumper....

    I am running 4.1

    For those reluctant to this point like I was.... I can tell you I am happy. I wish I could have got the White one and that is why I was holding out.

    I just thought I would post my experience since i spent months going...."hmm I am nervous.... I will wait".

    Now I am going.... " I dont get the mass of negative hyper focus of everyone knock the Iphone 4".

    As for the antennagate issue.... it should be fixed in my opinion... a bumper is a bandaid... or in other examples a band aid is a fix lol. But it is not what i would expect to see from apple since they are all about QUALITY Products.
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    Slow, steady, deep breaths. Repeat as needed.
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    I would love to have some of whatever you had for breakfast :eek:
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    ummm.. yeah good feedback there (sarcasm )
    . Just saying whats on my mind....

    the press, rumors and reported antennagate issues seems to be holding many folks i know back upgrading. No problems for me. So i am not getting the negative hype.

    so there ya go.
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    Yes, I know its kind of a bummer that Twitter only allows 140 characters, its not enough space to rant.

    as to your post, I've been using my iPhone 4 for 3 months now without a bumper, and I've had zero issues with the antenna. The proximity sensory is another story.
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