iPhone 4 - Yellow Splotches, How to Test if Your iPhone is Susceptible

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TechWhore, Jun 27, 2010.

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    Aug 12, 2006
    Hey everyone! As some readers may have seen from my previous posts, I was one of those who fell victim to the yellow splotches in the bottom left and right corners of my screen.

    My splotches seemed to develop over night, but then vanished a day later. I have now pinpointed the discoloration down to heat activation. I use the app logmein, which tends to heat up my iphone even when the screen is off.

    I have tested this out now on 4 occasions, I let my phone go completely cold and then I launch the intensive app, my phone heats up and the discoloration appears. I let the phone cool down for about 2 hours and it disappears.

    I tried this on a friends iphone 4 as well. He magically developed the yellow splotches as well. He was extremely pissed when he saw he too suffered from the issue.

    I have contacted apple support and they said I can take it to my local apple store and they will exchange it.
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    Jan 23, 2008
    I had the same issue by the afternoon of June 24. I immediately called Apple and they told me that it was the adhesive not drying. Wait a few days and see what see what happens. Well, I began to notice with apps that heat up the phone, logmein and bejeweled 2, the yellow splotches immediately appeared. Apple lied. Adhesive won't change colors if temperature temperature while it dries back and forth like that.

    I called Apple today and told them that it has been four days and no change. Imasked for an advanced replacement with a new unit and there was no argument. When I confirmed a new in box unit, she said, no, refurb. I reminded her the phone is only three or four days old after waiting in line for three hours on a reserved line, she then said it will be new, she thought it was a 3GS. I confirmed with her again that it was new in box and she repeated that it was.

    I simply don't want to deal with a genius appointment. If thus new one has the same issue, I will take it in for a swap so they can through every one in the store until I get one that does not have it.
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    Mar 8, 2008
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    Apple is deceiving us with this adhesive thing l. This is a heat issue. I actually had the same exact yellow splotches on my palm pre. They would get worse with heat, and would go away when the phone was not in use.

    Just a tip: when you go in to get your phone exchanged, put the screen brightness to max, fire up a really processor intensive app for maybe 10 minutes before you go in. The splotches show up best on a white background, so have one of those prepared too.

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