iPhone 4S/3GS iPod vs. iPod Classic Sound Quality/Volume

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by NewAnger, Jul 1, 2012.

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    Tonight for the first time since upgrading my 3GS and 4S to 5.1.1, I decided to listen to some music while at work. What a disappointment on the iPhones. The sound quality really seems to have gotten worse and the volume, well, it just plain sucks now. Turned all the way up, I could still hear the music playing at my job over the over head speakers.

    I went out and grabbed my iPod Classic out of the car and played the same song and the sound quality on it was nice and clean, crisp treble and I could hear some good bass.

    In the past, the volume on the iPhones was kind of low depending on what music I was listening to but it seemed it was loud enough to drown out the over head speakers at my job.

    Have you noticed the same? EQ in both phones and the classic is the same, treble booster.
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    The old Classics (before 6th Gen) have Wolfson audio chips. They're far better than the ones embedded in the newer iPhones and iPods. Not sure if the 3GS has the Wolfson, bit the 4 and the 4S don't. Besides, you shouldn't be hearing such a large difference from just the audio chip. Maybe you're listening to different quality recordings?

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