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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by testdrive, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. testdrive macrumors member

    Mar 1, 2012
    I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4s which I bought earlier this year. I have dropped the phone twice but no damage was done to the phone's exterior; still flawless (happened about 4 months ago and 2 months ago). Recently, the iPhone would make a weird tic noise. This is the noise like your home computer processor makes when its under lots of load but the iPhone makes it for barely a sec at it happens randomly. I was downloading a picture today and the sound came. It happened at other occasions too when I don't believe I was even doing something intensive. I believe this noise is coming from some internal parts of the phone rather than the speakers, not 100% sure though. Any solutions? Is my iphone defective because its still under the 1 year warranty? If you do suggest to take it to apple, will apple replace it with a new iphone 4s factory unlocked? The last thing i want is some refurbished iphone.
  2. FrankHahn macrumors 6502a

    May 17, 2011
    Take it to the Apple Store and let us a Genius find out what is wrong with it! Just tell the Genius that you heard that noise from your iPhone.
  3. RocketRed macrumors 6502a

    Jan 25, 2012
    Just a suggestion... did you try installing and Ghost Radar app to see what might be the cause of those weird sounds? ;)
  4. CallOfDuty macrumors 6502

    Jun 23, 2012
    The noise happened recently, so you might want to trackback and think of what has happened recently that could have been the cause. The damage to the phone via the drops can't just happen months later. Is there any chance your iPhone could be water damaged? My son's 3GS went weird just because of a few droplets of water that made its way into the headphone jack and started flickering occasionally.

    A refurbished iPhone is nothing scary. It may seem that you may be getting a second-hand iPhone which someone has used before, but refurbished iPhones are known to be of the same if not almost the same as new phones- sometimes even better! Refurbished iPhones are specially inspected by technicians and went through stringent checks. New ordinary iPhones do not and simply runs through machine operated diagnostics before being boxed. They are usually not inspected by man.

    The technicians would replace the battery inside the phone so what you would be getting would be essentially a used phone but with new batteries and perfectly working internals as a result of the strict quality check.

    As for the exterior of the phone, it has to count on luck. But in most cases, the exterior should be fine- you wouldn't get a cracked iPhone, or you wouldn't get a iPhone with too many scratches at the metal bands. (If that is worrying you.) They have obligations to give you an iPhone that is not technically new but seems new.

    As for giving you an ENTIRELY new iPhone from the shelves, I'll say no. They are obliged to support your iPhone, but in cases like this when a replacement is needed they would not give you an entirely new one but instead a refurbished one. New boxed iPhones are generally meant for sales. If not people would have taken advantage of this and broken their new iPhones just to get another new iPhone that has a tiny bit newer battery or something.

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