iphone 5 and car? how

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by i-sidd, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. i-sidd macrumors 6502a

    Apr 27, 2006
    ok so my car doe snot have bluetooth nor doe sit have a usb port.

    How can I get music streamed to my car speakers?

    DO I need to wait until a 3rd party solution comes out for the 8 pin connector?
  2. Crazy Badger macrumors 65816

    Crazy Badger

    Apr 1, 2008
  3. TJ61 macrumors 6502a

    Nov 16, 2011
    Doe sit have a 1/8" audio jack?

    If it doe snot, I can't help you.

  4. GraphicsGeek macrumors 6502a

    Sep 19, 2008
    Yeah without at least an AUX port, it cant be done without an FM transmitter which IMO suck pretty bad.
  5. i-sidd thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Apr 27, 2006
  6. takeshi74 macrumors 601

    Feb 9, 2011
    There are a lot of options and it's your call as to which one to use. The choices aren't that much different from the ones in the past (don't overlook the countless prior threads on the topic) except that the 5 has a Lightning port instead of 30 pin.

    • Aftermarket iPhone/iPod interface: I haven't seen any with Lightning connectors so far so you'd have to use one with a 30 pin to Lightning adapter.
    • Aftermarket aux interface for factory stereo
    • Aftermarket bluetooth kit
    • FM modulator: If you really don't care about sound quality or if you don't live in a major city with crowded FM bands.

    You can also use a cable from the headphone jack to the AUX port.

    Sure it can. In most situations there are aftermaket solutions availabe (see above).
  7. iforbes macrumors 6502

    Dec 21, 2011
    That, sir, is one funny post!

  8. DarwinOSX macrumors 65816

    Nov 3, 2009
    WalMart sells a Belkin cable for $6.88 that will go in the headphone jack and AUX port.

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