iPhone 5 Audio not as good as iPhone 4 or 4S

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Rocko1, Oct 4, 2012.

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    If you bothered to read the article (switch to the regular site not the mobile site) you'd notice this was a scientific comparison done with measuring instruments, not one guy's random oppinion.

    Post the non-mobile link next time



    Iphone 5 isn't as loud as iPhone 4/4S. Iphone 5 has much less distortion than iphone 4 but the same as iPhone 4S.

    Both the iPhone 5 and the 4S performs better across the board than the Galaxy S3, or all other phones tested.

    Editors are sad that iPhone 5 doesn't have the same output as the iPhone 4S and that they can't use special purpose audiophile over ear heaphones which need tons of power without an external amp like they could before.
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    Fixed link. The 5 needing to be pushed will more than likely increase hiss. I am surprised Apple skimped bit on the output, but I am sure it was for battery savings. Really shows how powerful the output stage on the 4S is.
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    In all honestly, I own a pair of the Beyerdynamics, but I would never use them on the iPhone (or any phone that didn't have a built in headphone amp) and expect amazing quality. I mainly use them with my USB DAC on any one of my computers. I'm not expecting audiophile quality out of my cell phone, neither should anyone else.
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    The iPhone 5 is quieter?

    Eh. I'd have to completely disagree with this. On max on my SOL Republics, they absolutely CRANK out sound to where it's nearly painful to wear them as intended.
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    Did you read the article? On higher impedance headphones they will not be as loud as the 4S, which is very close to the headphone amp.

    You may not have high impedance or low sensitivity headphones but many do and knowing the 5's limitations helps people make a decision, to amp or not, which headphones to use, etc.
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    I did. And it said that 'you had to push the volume a good few notches higher just to get the same output level as the 4 or 4S.' I personally find this to be false.
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    The reviewer must of had the volume limit setting adjusted. When you adjust that setting the volume display turns red when you increase volume to the limit. With the volume limit setting turned off the volume display doesnt turn red.
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    I find that, unless you have the hearing of a bat, the first 3/4 of the volume slider are pointless
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    Your linkbait headline could have been written by Engadget. The only "issue" is the iPhone 5 is not as loud. Oh the humanity.
    if its really an issue jailbreak it and install an app that increases volume. There might even be some regular apps that do this but I'm too lazy to look.
    There has been concern for some time from cellphone and PMP manufacturers that if they allow music to be to loud they will be subjected to lawsuits from people who claim it damaged their hearing.

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