iphone 5 cant get past activation


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Oct 2, 2012
ok Very long story short. (needed the money so i put my ATT iphone 5 on craigslist,, buyer came down and stole it and swapped it out with another iphone 5 ,all without me seeing) i get home and notice this isnt my phone . and the person has a google phone and i cant get ahold of him now. so he gave me a cdma phone . went toapple and they told me it was a 64 gig but could not tell me the carrier. called them today and they told me its a sprint .. so im stuck here . ive posted it on ebay but im not sure it someone else can even use the phone (so i might take it back off) . the phone wont get past the activation process . whats my best option with this phone??? its telling me to insert sim card . but i have a att sim. so im stuck

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Nov 2, 2008
Craigslist man... keep your eyes open and watch your back.

Sorry that happened to you. :/


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Sep 5, 2010
Chicago IL
I'm lost on how someone switched phones without u seeing it..... How do u not see someone do that
That's because it didn't happen.

The phone is likely stolen. Sprint doesn't use SIM cards, they are CDMA not GSM. He could put his AT&T SIM in there, but it is locked.

Like I said shady. Fishing for help to unlock, or sell the product. A person who's phone was stolen wouldn't be jumping on buyer offers, they would be calling police.


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Oct 11, 2011
I agree with the above.

That beings said, I have a sprint iphone 5, and IT DOES have a sim card (had to swap sims with a replacement iphone 5 that was mailed to me). Now the sim card IS NOT required to activate the phone on the sprint network...but it is required (according to both spring and apple) to use the LTE network?

How do I know this? I spent 5 hours on the phone last night with both companies in order to get the replacement phone activated. Honestly...sprint can sometimes be rather incompetent....


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Mar 10, 2009
Get sprint to send you a replacement SIM. It is needed to register the phone to your phone number and for it to properly activate. I work for sprint in a corporate store and when we activate iPhone 5's either through the computer or when we have our sales support team do it over the phone we need to provide the IMEI and the UCID which is the number on the SIM card. No sim card, no registration in the system.


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Sep 12, 2012
This guys story makes no sense. Who steals a phone and leaves another in its place. He stole it and wants to find a way to activate the phone.
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