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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by famous600, Sep 23, 2012.

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    10 out of 100? Seriously? Apple QC has slipped a little lately but not that much..In fact, looking over the boards there seem to be fewer hardware / screen related faults than there were with the ipad3...So my vote goes to false.
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    And nobody noticed the headphone port on the wrong side of the device?

    Pics were fake.
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    Probably just a pissed off or disgruntled ex-employee. Although it has come to light that there have been many issues. But 90 of 100 being faulty is obviously overstated. Remember, there have been a maybe 200 issues posted on this site max. Out of the 5 million manufactured, that is nothing and probably normal. People seem to never post if the phone is working properly, so the ones that are faulty get blown out of proportion.

    Plus this cant be considered a reliable source.... hahah


    Didnt notice that. Figured it was... 90 out of 100 being faulty is ridiculous..
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    I agree that 90 out of 100 being faulty is a stretch but you need to go back and look at the threads. Last time I looked at the scuff pole there were about 500 there. Then add the dead pixels people, the rattle people, the loose battery people. Well over 200.
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    Good catch, but those smaller photos with a man playing the phone looks very real, not fake. Not only the headphone is correct, the top right photo even shows the new mic between the camera and flash! I think the story is true!:mad:

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