iPhone 5 has the best phone display ever

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by hasanahmad, Sep 24, 2012.

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    To my eyes the HTC One X has the best screen, for sure. I've seen the iphone 5. But these two are clearly 1 and 1A. The iphone 5 screen is without a doubt an improvement over the iphone 4/4s.

    HTC may have had a "switcher" in me had they not botched two things, and they are critical: 16 gb of storage, max. 4.7" screens are too big to use one-handed. Never thought that I'd care, but in fact that's when I realized how often I use the iphone one handed without even thinking about it.

    The Samsung GS3 has a poor screen. Yup, I said it. Half the brightness. That's what jumped out at me, and exaggerated colors, and visible pixelation. I have never understood why people like that screen, b/c that is my single biggest complaint about the phone.
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    I agree, if samsung would use an lcd instead of amoled, it would've been the best phone out there. For some unfathomable reason, samsung insists on using a crap amoled screens.
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    I felt that the Samsung SII screen was and still is better than the current S3's screen. It was a downgrade. Pixel density is nice, but it's not the first thing that eyes notice with regard to screen quality.

    I believe that I read an article that quoted Samsung as saying that the pentile matrix is just going to take time to get used to, but my eyes don't lie. This is a case of cutting corners (pentiles are cheaper to make) instead of a case of being averse to change. The sooner they realize it, the better off they'll be. But then again I'm not a businessman. Perhaps since Apple uses the supply chain as a weapon, Samsung has to cut costs as much as possible in order to still turn a profit and compete on price with Apple. First thing I'd do if I was Samsung is cut Apple off from memory and chips etc, even if it hurt the bottom line for a few years. You're not going to compete with a competitor if you give them weapons to compete with. Let other companies step in to fill the void.
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    Sep 23, 2012
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    yeah because 1080p makes so much sense on a small screen... that's why it's called retina. the human eye won't be able to tell a difference between 1080p or the iphone screen
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    It's my understanding that AMOLED is a display tech that Samsung has invested heavily in developing. Samsung has a vested interest in developing it further and, so, is using it heavily.

    AMOLED may well be the future of display technology but it's not the present, so to speak. The iPhone 5's display is just stunning. Not only is it less reflective, it's a good deal brighter with near perfect colour balance. This and my iPad (3rd gen) are now my preferred choices to view pretty much any content - even over my HDTV and MacBook.

    I suspect the next iPad will carry an in-cell touch panel too - that's going to look so good.
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    It remains to be seen and tested if that screen is higher quality than the 5's display or is it a little lower quality despite being 1080P. Or to put it in perspective, I have one of those lampshade iMacs I use as my bedroom DVD player; it has a 1440x900 screen. The initial MacBook Airs, before the current wedge shape, had 1280x800 screens, but they were significantly higher quality screens. The point is that 1080P doesn't in and of itself mean the screen is better.
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    The gorgeous screen quality isn't due to just pixel density. It's also due to software optimizations that Apple did to get 100% color gamut. Along with in-cell touch, which Apple has a prepaid supply of, I doubt any OEM is gonna knock off Apple off its perch anytime soon.

    In-cell touch is a big deal to the improved screen. :)
  11. JesalTV Guest

    Aug 24, 2012
    When I first used the screen, couldn't see any difference.

    After a few days, I took the plastic screen protector off - WOW.

    Yep, the screen is genuinely great. You can see every detail, it is incredible.
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    And wait til Jellybean comes out...


    There's always something better "just around the corner."

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