iPhone 5 LTE Data Hog?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by LouieSamman, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. LouieSamman, Sep 22, 2012
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    I have the new iPad with LTE and let me tell you, it sucks MBs like crazy.

    I never really have to worry using the 4S since having 3G for a month would last me but the iPad doesn't.

    Now with LTE on the iPhone 5 I am afraid of using it too much as it easily can go over the data plan.

    I currently have 3GB. Thinking about switching to 5GB in the future.

    I just like to know which data plan you choosed with your iPhone 5 and how you feel about LTE quickly depleting your Data Plan before the month is over.

    Now it goes to show that obviously if your watching videos and streams that it takes up a lot of data but I don't do it that often. Maybe watch a couple of youtube videos but that's it and yet I easily get close to 3GB.
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    How it uses data is going to be an adjustment to folks. Often times people watch bits and pieces of YouTube videos and since the buffer ran just bit ahead (on a good connection) of the stream, your download amount was limited.

    Now the entire video loads almost instantly...which eats up a ton of data. Ideally YouTube (or similar sites) need more of a streaming mode that doesn't load the entire video to your phone. That wasn't feasible before, but as LTE becomes more mainstream, mobile data websites are going to have to adjust to help their customers out.
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    This was exactly why I kept my unlimited, even though I had to buy my phone unsubsidized. I frequently start a youtube video and skip around, but in the past, the buffer wasn't full. Now that progress bar just shoots across the screen.
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    15 minutes in the future
    All you can eat until AT&T thinks you're too fat.
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    Many sites / apps / programs quickly measure your download speed before determining what 'version' of their data to send you.

    Random (but easily understandable) example: say YouTube would send you a 1080p video instead of ~360. You're still watching the same video but you just sucked up way more bandwidth. It's not a perfect example but you get the point.

    I think many mobile users are going to be surprised how fast that data goes. That's EXACTLY why ATT/Verizon have pushed so hard for these caps.

    Thank goodness I still have 'unlimited' with AT&T. 5 gigs before throttle should do me just fine.

    GL! :)

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