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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Rhyno37, Sep 19, 2012.

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    Hey guys, I recently traded my Galaxy Nexus for an iPhone 4S. For all the hate I used to give the iPhone, I've fallen in love. Here comes my questions. I am on Verizon, and am a year and a half away from an upgrade. I was wondering how long you guys think I'd have to wait before the 5 is available off contract. I'd like to pick one up around Christmas if the newness crave has worn off for everyone else. Also, do you guys think the initial price of $649 for the 16gb will have dropped by then, if not how long do you figure?

    And last, what's the best place to buy an iPhone off contract from? Does Apple sell the directly off contract?

    Sorry for the barrage of questions, but I'm new to the iPhone and very intrigued by it. Thanks!
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    Price will remain the same.
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    I pre-ordered from Verizon full retail price no contract for me to keep my unlimited data. I called them up to make sure it won't affect my plan. ETA 10/5
    I'll be calling Apple later cause I chat with the Apple specialist asking if I can just pay the pre-order that I made in full retail so it won't be tied to any contract, the specialist told me they can do it but I have to call. I am not 100% sure with Apple but I'll give it a try since it is schedule for shipping on Friday.
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    Hey Rhyno37... Unless I am over-simplifying your question, I believe what you are talking about is just buying an un-subsidized phone for your Verizon account, right? I mean at full price?
    You can get one Friday (or anytime you want when they are in stock) if you want to get to a VZW store, Apple, Best Buy etc, and get in line. Like me. :D You do not need to be due for an upgrade to buy an unsubsidized (full price) phone for your account. You will just transfer that new phone to your account in place of your 4S. Then sell your 4S to recoup some dough! :cool:

    Edit... I was just at VZW checking to see if I could get a black 32g iPhone 5 off-contract at their store Friday am.... Yep, it'll run me about 750 I guess, but I would get to keep my unlimited data. I THINK thats my only reasonable choice ...)
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    Ya not sure what the problem is here, i have quite a few full price iphones in the past immediately after launch. I would be doing it now but this year i am just going to try to pick one up in store Friday.

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