iPhone 5 (or whatever) introduction late June

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Jan 22, 2009
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This is about "iPhone 5", the "New iPhone", or whatever Apple eventually calls it, and NOT about Cricket.

Apple typically does 1 year refresh on its iPhone/iPad/iPod lines, except for iPhone 4 which had a minor mid-cycle update for Verizon (and improve antenna issue), and the release of iPhone 4S a few months later in October.

There is strong indication Apple is going back to June release.

The first clues are increase of supposed iPhone / iPod Touch parts.

The most specific clue could be Cricket Communications offering iPhone on June 22.. That article states they will offer unlocked iPhone 4s and 4 for about $150 less then other outlets, and Apple does not even offer such discounts to its stores! Obviously this can be gamed by people going to Cricket and get an unlocked 4S for $499 and then switch to another carrier a month later.

That suggest instead this will happen becuase they are "old model" discounted phones, becuase that is exactly what Apple did to first the 3GS and then 4 when new models come out. (Note the estimate of a $150 drop instead of $100 in past. Will Apple sell new iPhone 5 for less?)

iOS 6 part of new iphone?
Sometimes one can't get the software and hardware ready at the same time.

Sales wise, June is better becuase off holiday sales are lower, and the supply would not be as constrained if launched as beginning of holiday season.

June 22 is almost exactly 2 years (369 days) since the introduction of the AT&T iPhone 4. It could still be a few days before or after the day, maybe June 24, but with June 22 being Tuesday, sounds about right.

If YOU don't agree, then when do YOU estimate it will be released?
(again, only about next iPhone, referring Cricket deal as supporting evidence)
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