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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by krixtian, Jul 7, 2013.

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    I went to sleep last night and my phone was at 98% I woke up today and as soon as I touch the sleep bottom to use it, it turned off. There wasn't any apps open, in the background I have my photo stream off, my mail push notifications off. I went to the apple store to get my iPhone replaced, but the "Genius guy" said the battery was ok and that was probably me using games, and I told him that I don't use games, I restored it with and without backup, I've download 6.1.4 different times and the problem still occurs and he wouldn't replace my phone even though I showed him pictures like this. The 5% screenshot was taken this morning when my phone turned on and the 75% one was yesterday morning. Should my phone drain during stand-by like that normally or what?

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    It definitely doesn't seem normal to me. If I were you, I would make another appointment and try talking to different person. Maybe they'll replace the battery (if they're doing that at your Apple Store location), or replace the phone for you. Good luck.

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