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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bLaZ3n, Sep 26, 2012.

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    I ordered my iPhone 5 the first day reserves were taken but missed the 1st shipment. I received my iPhone 5 yesterday (9/25/2012).

    My iPhone 5 has had some problems, and was wondering if anyone else has gotten similar problems..

    1. There were several stains on my device, but I was able to wipe them off easily.
    2. My device had a "nick" in it, not really noticeable at first glance, but I noticed it because I had to clean the stains off of it.
    3. When setting up my device, I set it up as a brand new device even though I had a restore from my 4s. When restoring my 4s backup to my 5, the capacities are getting messed up, causing my 5 to be over capacity. I was on the phone with an Apple tech specialist for 2hrs yesterday which didn't get me anywhere. But today, I have a scheduled appointment to take my phone in.

    Basically, what I'm saying is the capacities aren't consistent. If I am moving everything from my 4s onto my 5, then the capacities should align.

    The problem on my 5 is the "Other" field. On my 4s it uses 1.31GB but on my 5 its using 3.9GB which makes no sense.

    Here are screenshots of my iTunes:

    iPhone 4s (observe the capacities: Audio, Photos, Apps, Other):

    iPhone 5 (observe the capacities: Audio, Photos, Apps, Other):
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