iPhone 5 vs... iPhone.


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Nov 5, 2011
I love the original iPhone. Love it's simplicity, quality, but most of all it's design. I still think the original had a better design than the 3G, 4, or 5, and when I saw the 5 I was glad to see some of the original's design had come back! Thought some that miss their first iphone would be happy to see a side-by-side of the iPhone and iPhone 5. Excuse the iPhone 4 pictures.

The speaker grills are back. Hated them at first but they grew on me quick

The 5 isn't even the depth of the original's backplate!

The 5-year-old phone has some bruises but isn't the most battered thing around. Hopefully the 5 looks this good in 5 years.



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Jun 5, 2012
Nice pics! :)

P.S. I never had one but the iPhone 2G looks ugly as sin compared to today's standards and the 5 ;)


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Jul 13, 2008
United Kingdom
Thanks for these! It's certainly an interesting comparison. Personally, however, I think that the iPhone 5 is the best-looking of the lot, but I don't deny that the original is a technological masterpiece.

It's nice that elements of the first design are back, while retaining the best aspects of the 4/4S.