iPhone 5: What we know.


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Jun 21, 2012
Okay, what we all know about the iPhone 5. And what will it contain?

I would firstly like to say before we even begin ANYTHING is that. You know the "iPad Mini? Well it's a false. Why in Steve's son would Apple release two iPad Products in the same year? They all know what the buyers want is a new iPhone. And all sign's point to it.​

What were rumored to have are...​

4G LTE (If the *New iPad* has it the iPhone 5 will too. Apple's not like that.)​

Smaller Dock (Maybe but honestly i don't care. Apple will include it in the box. They make 200+ Dollars on ONE small thing.)​

Bigger Screen (Many signs are pushing to it. Many DROIDS and Samsungs have them.)​

AND most importantly.

10+ Hour Battery (THIS is where Apple is loosing it's game at, all DROIDS and Samsungs have a 14 Hours+ Battery. If they can manage to do this they will make ALOT of Green.​

Thus ends my tail.