iPhone 5S: Bought the 64GB and now selling the 16GB

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by addictive, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. addictive macrumors regular

    Jul 6, 2008
    I was forced into a purchase of the 5S last December after destroying my 4S. I was going to hold out for the 6 even though I didn't know what the 6 would be like. However, as I'm committed to the Apple ecosystem I purchased a 5S and for the past year really enjoyed it. My big mistake was only getting a 16GB capacity model.

    I did buy AppleCare for my iPhone 5S because I was paranoid after destroying my 4S (in a freak incident). I've not needed the AppleCare and I look after my belongings.

    My regret is that I didn't get a larger capacity phone. It is annoying never having enough space for my music/photos/apps etc...

    Today I won the auction on eBay a "Brand New" iPhone 5S 64GB unlocked in the UK. Now I'm slightly hesitant to believe it is a brand new model since they've been out of production for a couple of months but it could be re-conditioned and look new. I guess thats the risk one takes when using eBay.

    Question: Is there any way I can check if it is Brand New? How do you check battery cycles. Or is there any other tell tale signs for it not being a new phone? Any suggestions what to do if its clearly a used model and not brand new. Negative feedback isn't going to impact the seller too much I fear. Returns are not accepted.

    Any suggestions for filling the 64GB - do people rate the Olloclip for taking photos or is it a waste of time and money?

    I'm selling my iPhone 5S and looking at the prices on eBay I should get a decent amount of money given that it is unlocked and has AppleCare allowing for two replacements (under T&Cs).

    I did consider the iPhone 6 but just don't love the design and felt the advances where not enough for me to move from 5S which I like very much even though I agree the 6 is a superior model. It comes down to personal preference in the end.
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    It could certainly be that the seller purchased the 64GB model when they were still sold and just didn't open it. Is the box still in the shrink wrap? The seller may have also removed the shrink wrap to take pictures of the actual phone for the auction. Honestly with eBay, you don't always know. I would obviously inspect the entire phone to see if it has any signs of use. Also, you can see if the plastic is still on the front and back of the phone. But really without eyeballing it, you can't really tell for sure. As the buyer, when you receive the phone and it looks like it's been used, you can contact the seller regarding the phone. If they don't respond, you can always open a case with eBay (but that's if the seller does not respond).
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    iBackupbot: link gets you the cycle count. Click on your phone and then click on More Information.

    The best camera is the one with you. That said, all smartphone cameras have small sensors and small apertures. In good light they will be amazing. In poor light they will not. Any attachments will take away some light, so sometimes it will increase the chance for blurry photos on cloudy days. Also consider the time needed to attach the lenses and if you can keep them attached to the phone throughout the day.

    For my purposes I like having a zoom and antishake so I consider my phone as a backup camera and use a different camera for photos and put the results on my phone. The bigger sensor and aperture is also handy.
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    An update

    The 64GB iPhone 5S which I won through an auction on eBay works very well. It was sold as new and if it isn't then its been reconditioned. The battery life is excellent and it feels new.

    I sold my used iPhone 5S 16GB with Applecare to someone on eBay and there was a lot of interest (i guess because of the Applecare).

    The difference in price for which i bought and sold was only £100 ($150) in the end. Very satisfied. Now, I can enjoy filling my iPhone 5S 64GB with loads of photos, videos, apps, music etc...... and I won't be tempted for a new iPhone until the v.7 comes out in about 22 months.

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