iPhone 5s Burst Mode change for 7.0.3

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by darkfiber, Oct 23, 2013.

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    I think Apple made a change (probably for the better) on the way images are selected from a burst of photos (on the iPhone 5s at least) starting with 7.0.3. Before when you were in your camera roll and were looking at a burst and selected "Choose Favorites," and then selected the images you wanted to keep, those images would be separated from the burst to the camera roll. Then you could go back and delete the rest of the burst if you wanted. Now, I noticed after you select the photos you want, it will prompt you to "keep everything" or Keep only the photos you selected. I think that is a good change as I remembered being a little confused after selecting photos from a burst when I first got my iPhone 5s as to where they went. Was this change mentioned anywhere before?

    Here is what it looks like now after you select the photos you want to keep and select Done...

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    No it wasn't, by default it saved the favourites separately and kept all the original burst shots.

    You're quite right it seems to have been tweaked.
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    Didn't notice that until now. Definitely an improvement and it wasn't in the release notes.

    Nice to get unexpected goodies!

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