iPhone 5S from 5, Keeping 5S, Arrived Perfect

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by powerbook911, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. powerbook911, Sep 26, 2013
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    Main point of post, assure customers that it is possible to get a new 5S in near perfect condition and with a beautiful screen! (Even myself had previous iPhones with nicks in metal several times).

    I was hesitant to upgrade to the 5S. Needing 64GB, $470 with tax is quite an expense! Nevertheless, I normally pass down my current phone to family and get it back in a year when I pass on the last one.

    I decided though, if there was ANY damage to my 5S upon arrival, I would not keep it. I was not willing to put effort to do exchanges.

    Thankfully, it was essentially perfect. I thought there is the tiniest tiniest mark on the bottom near the lightning connector, but that area is potentially always susceptible even if you carefully plug it in. Turned out, a damp finger wiped whatever it was off.

    Yellow Screen? Nope! Screen looks beautiful. Perfect temperature.

    Therefore, I thank Apple for delivering a PERFECT condition phone. I was starting to think these did not exist from all the posts and from my own experience with iPhones in past years.

    Overall, the phone feels identical to the 5. The lighter color on the back (of the Space Grey Phone) reminds me slightly of the original iPhone.

    The Speed? Sure, it handles iOS7 the SLIGHTEST bit better than the 5.

    Camera? I still need to test this.

    Touch Security? Yep, 9/10 times it reads my thumb perfectly.

    It probably wasn't an upgrade I needed, especially for $470. However, I can't fault the beautiful condition of the phone and the chance to pass on a perfect 5 to a loved one. Honestly, I'm a tough critic, but I simply cannot fault the phone nor its condition on arrival. Thanks Apple! I'm most excited about the 6!
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    It's a pleasure reading posts such as this.
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    Mine was perfect too until I spotted some dead or stuck pixels just in the area of the battery symbol. Which you can see on all screens where the battery symbol is white.

    What a pity. Back it goes.

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