iPhone 5s screen causing eyestrain/pressure behind eyes?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by lawlbringer, Oct 22, 2013.

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    This is something pretty odd I noticed within 48 hours or owning my iPhone 5s. Compared to my iPhone 5, the screen is a tad warmer, but my eyes felt like they had to focus more. This, as well as pressure behind the eyes while watching videos or reading text is making me wonder if it's the screen quality(or lack thereof) causing it. I already wear glasses and don't have these issues looking at any other monitor/TV that I can recall.

    A lot of people were reporting dizziness from iOS 7 animations, but I loaded it on my iPhone 5 right after the GM version was released and never had these issues...just the eyestrain/dull headache/pressure behind eyes after purchasing a 5s. Increasing the boldness/contrast in accessibility did not help either.
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    I ware glasses as well. Same experience here, sent it back, now ordered new again. My issue, I was using it way too much, and got eye strain, and using bold text/increase contrast next time, and not using it so much may help. Others will weigh in on this. Some will joke around with seeing an eye doctor, but ignore those and read up on the members who have made some changes to the screen to make thing easier on the eyes.

    Also someone mentioned > Go to settings > general > accessibility > invert colors, and feel your eyes relax. Will try this out when my iPhone arrives. Good luck
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    Or maybe you taking something prescribed to people with glaucoma :)

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