iPhone 5S unlocked US version LTE capabilities in Asia

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by stylinexpat, Sep 21, 2013.

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    Anyone know which countries the US unlocked version of the iPhone 5S works in Asia. In Hong Kong from what I saw is that the 4G LTE runs off of 1800/2600 Band. Will the supposed T-Mobile unlocked version run in Thailand and Hong Kong? What if 5S only has one of the two 4G LTE bands in it?

    For this that travel between California and Asia it would be nice to have one iPhone 5S that picks 4G LTE in both Asia and California. Mainly Hong Kong,Thailand,and Japan.
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    Unfortunately none. I'm in the same boat and am in Asia (ICN, HKG, MNL, KIX, NRT, PEK, PVG, BKK) often and unfortunately you either have to get the US version and live with 3G in Asia with LTE when in the US, or get the asian version and live with 3G here and LTE there.

    Same thing with any phone, even the Galaxy line. When I was in Seoul this week I was looking at some of the fun LTE tablets Samsung has there, and unfortunately didn't buy them because they don't work with US LTE.


    But as an added note, most of the major Asian carriers don't have amazing LTE networks yet, so here's hoping to a more "global" phone in iPhone 6 next year. It's nice Apple threw in a couple extra bands in the US versions this year though. I know it's nice to have more selection whenever I chose a foreign sim or a carrier to let ATT roam onto.
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    Hong Kong
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    I saw that,should be quite :D I was going to but the new Note 3 with the Cat 4. Even that alone should be quite fast :) 300Mbps. is pretty freakin fast :D Here in Taiwan we crawl along at around 2-3 Mbps. :( Locals are too stingy to upgrade their local networks to the faster 4G ones :(

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