iPhone 6 and Plus, new standards?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Cool Pup, Sep 9, 2014.

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    With Apple finally embracing larger screens, it made me wonder about how these sizes will hold up in terms of the product line. Apple phones stayed the same size until the 5 was just barely stretched out, and now it seems like 4.7 and 5.5 have hit the two qualifiers of big phone and super-big phone.

    Do you guys think that these phone sizes will be the new norm for Apple devices going forward and each new phone will more or less be refreshes on the screen and hardware? It's hard for me to see Apple going back to 3.5 inches, and it's also hard for me to see phones ever becoming bigger than 5.5.

    Will we see an iPhone 7 that has a 5 inch screen? Or do you think that the arrival of these two phones signifies that Apple will stay locked in at these sizes for the foreseeable future?
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    With Apple it all comes down to sales. When Samsung released the original Note I don't think they knew what to expect and honestly I don't think they cared if it was a flop. It wasn't, there was a following for the phone and now some would argue the Note line is their true flagship line. I loved the Note 2 and 3, sure they are large but their functionality cannot be surpassed. In terms of size though I think the Nexus 5 is the perfectly sized phone.

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