iPhone 6 overheating?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by 0098386, Oct 5, 2014.

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    Before I get started I'm taking this to the Apple Store this week. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

    My iPhone 6 (128gb, space grey) has been running perfectly and had a surprisingly long battery life. After a normal days use I put it back on the charger at 40-60% battery. This morning I picked it up and it was very warm to the touch, not uncomfortably so. After taking it off charge the battery plummeted to 60% in 30 minutes. I killed all apps and it stopped draining so rapidly.

    I think it might be the GPS module. I reopened apps that didn't use location data and it was fine, I disabled location and operated it as normal (using apps that would use location if enabled) and it was fine too. I've been using the phone for 6 days before this problem started.

    I hope it's not faulty! But if I did take it to an Apple store, what would the process be for replacing (if they decide to do that)? I mean what with the iPhone being sold out everywhere am I going to have to get a replacement phone whilst a new one is ordered? (I've never had to deal with replacing electronics before so it's all new to me!)

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    I have pretty much the same issue with mine. i6 64gb Gray.

    Mine starts to get really hot around the "earpiece" area....about from the top of the phone going down about 2 inches. This happens when I get on a call....and starts about 2 minutes into the call.

    I called Apple about it on Thursday and they told me that it is a hardware problem. They shipped me a new phone that will be here tomorrow.

    I asked about availability of a phone and was told they have plenty of them in reserve for this purpose.

    So, talk directly to Apple. They will take care of it for you.
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    2 Different supplies @ Apple Stores...

    When I took my 6 in for screen replacement they didn't have any parts yet to do screen repairs/replacements, they just gave me a new iPhone 6. When I asked to purchase another identical 6 for my wife they said they didn't have any in commercial stock to sell but they use a separate inventory for repairs and replacements.

    They also said they were getting commercial inventory in every day and that I should call first to check inventory and reserve one before heading to the store.

    When my 6 is set for WiFi calling and I leave the house, the phone heats up pretty quickly searching for WiFi. I have to remember to turn this feature off when not using. It is a real PITA to have to turn features off/on all the time to conserve battery. Why doesn't Apple just make one switch to activate to make phone go into power reserve mode for battery longevity?
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    They ran a diagnostic and it apparently it was the Twitter app. It was basically running at full power constantly causing the heat and battery drain, but at least the case is with them incase it does continue.

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