Iphone 6s Battery Issues

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    I bought an iPhone 6s - pay as you go - in late March last year (Still within warranty) I noticed when I bought it the battery life was draining far more than it should and made various apple appointments at the genius bar to get it looked into but things have got in the way and this is me just eventually taking it into Storm Front as there was no available appointments in Glasgow (Completely my fault I've left it this long I know). I have tried every possible solution with updates, settings, factory resets etc. so I can only assume it's a battery bug or software bug. I took it into the shop and explained all this (the only problem being is my phone has some general wear and tear) and they sent if off to be looked at by a storm front engineer. I was told I would receive emails and texts daily to update me of my phones situation but 2 days later and still no word. I called today on my lunch break at work to be told the engineer is saying that I would have to pay £270 out of warranty charge as one of the prongs are bent that charges the phone and that's what will be causing the problem? I asked if I could dispute this and they said I could call apple for a second opinion - Apple told me there was nothing they could do and weren't helpful at all (not the service I'm used to usually) they basically told me there was nothing they could do and it would be £270 and that's it.

    As I have said previously I have had the issue long before this prong issue may have occurred so I wouldn't want the unit replaced anyway as I am almost positive this will not resolve the issue I am having and secondly.... surely from just charging my phone in the normal manner (maybe more excessively than usual because of previously mentioned battery issues) surely that bent prong should come under wear and tear also? I haven't done anything with my phone that I shouldn't have and I always have a case on it so surely the port isn't fit for purpose and there was nothing I could have done to prevent that...

    My argument really is that I don't think the prong is the problem, even if I paid the £270 to get it replaced I think the phone is still going to have the same battery issue and that's what I want them to look into? Can anyone please give me some advice as I'm getting really upset with the whole thing now?

    I am very frustrated as I love apple products and am a loyal apple customer (various pad’s, IMac, lost count of how many handsets I've bought over the years) and I don't want to change my opinion of them but I feel there should be more that can be done to help my case?
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    Most Li batteries ARE the same, but that doesn't mean you couldn't have had a bad one. I think my main point here is that Apple should have had the phone to make the diagnosis...Iphone batteries used to be £100.00 not the £270 you have been asked to pay, which incidentally is exactly the price I got when I sold my Iphone 6 plus a few months back...I know, bigger screen, but a rough ball park figure. I think Apple are sour as you've involved a third party here. Maybe get the phone back and try calling Apple again?

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