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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Makaveliarts, Oct 14, 2013.

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    Imagine if next year, or the year after, Apple went a different direction with their line of mobile phone products. Similar to the initial release of the iPhone, it would be marketed almost as an "All in one" smart phone.


    A larger screen, using technology like IGZO or something similar to offset the spike in battery usage a larger screen would bring. Using the real estate added by the increase in screen size to add a significantly larger battery. Apple didn't stop there, and made an effort to significantly improve the batteries they use, making the absolute most out of this battery expansion. With these three improvements Apple would be able to destroy all competition Battery Life wise.

    Lots of people like to use their phones without cases, ever. But what if it rains, and you are forced to make a call in the rain etc? Waterproofing to at least some extent should of been implemented a LONG time ago, in my opinion. The Galaxy S4 Active is the only Android I'd switch to, for that reason. If done correctly, which I'm sure Apple could do, Waterproofing would be greatly appreciated for anyone who uses iPhones. But it's way more practical than just using your phone in the rain. Drop your phone in a puddle, it should be fine. Toilet? Happens. Young children? Your covered, etc etc.

    On top of that, efforts could be made to make the iPhone 6u more scratch/impact/ding/dust resistant.

    Huge, two part expansion of Touch ID usage. Much of this has already been discussed, as being what Touch ID will be used for in the future. Touch ID will be expanded to enter username/password/pin combinations on any site you access on Safari, any App, including Mobile Banking apps etc. The death of typing in passwords. Want to let someone use your iPhone to make a phone call, and not have to worry about them looking through your texts/pics/etc? Make it so opening certain apps require a fingerprint scan to open. Multiple customizable options to enhance/loosen slack to YOUR needs.

    Now having complex passwords will not be a pain at all, encouraging people to have complex passwords greatly increasing security on any site they access.

    Touch ID could be combined with NFC to become a secure method of making payments. After the few kinks in Touch ID have been worked out so it's practically 100% reliable. Your iPhone begins to replace your wallet?

    The u in iPhone 6u stands for Utility.

    I'm going to end the thread here even though I had some more ideas. There is no real point to this thread, and it's not really a prediction or anything.


    This is a concept I have for the next iPhone or the one after it, which has multiple features to increase it's UTILITY. A Larger screen, IGZO, a much larger battery added from the real estate gained by increasing the screen size, and improvements to the batteries Apple uses will GREATLY improve it's Battery life. It will be Water resistant similar to the Galaxy S4 active, and be more durable in general.

    Touch ID could be used as a method of making payments in combination with NFC, and will also be a greatly improved security feature that can be personalized to the users needs, and will be used to "Auto Fill" log in info on any site you access on Safari, or any app.
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    A concept with no pic is like a massage without a happy ending.
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    What he said. I was expecting to atleast see a pic or two.
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    Lmao! :D:D
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