Other iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus?

iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus?

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Sep 23, 2018
Princeton, NJ

I'm planning to get myself a new iPhone. I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I'm having serious battery issues. I was looking at Apple's Official website and saw that the prices went down around $100 after the release of XS and XR. I don't want to spend a lot and want to use it at least 3 years.

I used the phone comparison tool and compared 7 Plus and 8 Plus , and didn't see a big difference. What are your opinions? Do you think I should pay more and get the iPhone 8 Plus, or pay less, get the 7 Plus and spend the difference for a good screen protector and the case?

And what are your opinions about refurbished iPhones? Refurbished 7 Plus is $90 cheaper than the new one. Should I just get a refurbished phone instead?



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Oct 12, 2014
I say 8 plus

If you're planning to use it for another 3 years, the A11 should age a bit better than the A10, even though I don't expect the A10 to slow down.

The actual architecture of the A11 is much improved over the A10, which despite being a quad-core chip, only uses 2 cores at a time. The A11 can make use of all 6-cores and it's an absolute beast of a chip that should still be very fast in 3 years...

Plus the GPU is better.

Oh and the best thing about the A11 is how much more efficient it is, so people have noticed the battery life lasts longer on the 8 Plus than it did on the 7 Plus.

Then there's a few other improvements like the louder speakers, bluetooth 5.0, more cellular bands, true tone display, wireless charging, better camera with more bokeh functionality....it's not a huge update over the 7 plus but its got enough little things that when added up, I think it's worth investing the extra money in the 8 Plus over the 7 Plus


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Sep 24, 2007
Dont know how you got $90.00 cheaper its more like Its 150. $549 vs $699.00.


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Jun 21, 2009
Central, Louisiana
iPhone 8 + is a sweet phone... great display and it works smooth.... I find that iOS12 has really given it a bit more pep in its step which has been nice. I would definitely go with the 8 +. (I use this for work and it's been very reliable over the last year)
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Sep 17, 2017
Buy a Xs Max , bigger and faster and newest device !!

Why you try to save money on the stuff you will be using every day in next 2 years ??


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Mar 24, 2010
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As happy as I am with my 7+, I think the 8+ would be a better buy because of the more recent internals.

I know lots of people buy refurbished Apple here, but I'd skip that and just buy new.
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