iPhone 8(+) iPhone 8 or 8 plus? I’m afraid the 8 plus might be too big to handle.


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Apr 22, 2010
Hello, how are you?

So I have been on the android camp for years.
Last week I picked up a used iPhone 7 cheap just for fun and now iOS grown on me again.

I am looking to get either an iPhone 8 or an 8 plus.
I don’t want to step up to the Xr or Xs as I can get both 8 phones significantly cheaper.

I know the 8 plus has it’s 3g of ram, higher resolution screen and dual cameras and in paper it is the clear winner.

But with the 16:9 screen, I am afraid the phone might be too wide to confortably use.

My current android phone is big with a 6.2 inch screen, it is a Xiaomi Mi 8.
But the screen is 18:9 so the phone is tall but not too wide.
I comfortably use the Xiaomi and have no issues.

Looking at specs, the Xiaomi is 74.8mm wide while the iPhone 8 Plus is 78.1mm wide.

I use the Xiaomi with the included clear case bundles that adds a bit and the iPhone I would use with the apple silicone case.

I enjoy my current iPhone 7 as it is the king of one hand use, but I also enjoy the Xiaomi big screen and have no issues with it.

Do you think I would be ok with the iPhone 8 Plus?



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Apr 8, 2013
I would get the 8 plus. It might be a bit wider but if you are using a 6.2 inch phone I think going down to 4.7 inches will be too small
Are you buying it directly from Apple? Why not try the 8 plus for 14 days and if you find it too big return it and get the 8.
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Jun 18, 2014
Mi 8 and 8 Plus are very similar to size, almost the same. Just think the Mi 8 as an 8 Plus without the home button. That's why it's screen is bigger and taller, but the dimensions are practically the same. And you get used to it most of the time.


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Nov 23, 2017
I’d really try and pony up for the XR, it’s a much better experience. Failing that I’d pick a standard 8 over the plus


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Jan 17, 2013
Wales, United Kingdom
I bought an 8+ and it’s my first big phone. I’m not going to lie and say it fits in every pocket no problem because there are times when it’s a complete pain to carry.

I do feel I’ve got used to it though and smaller phones feel really small now. I’ve got into the habit of taking it out of my pocket when I sit down, especially in the car. Claiming a ladder can be difficult as I found the other week as I fumbled half way up and nearly dropped the phone lol.

The positives though outweigh the negatives and I’m happy I bought the 8+. The screen is bigger, the camera is awesome and the battery life is superb. Buy the 8+ is my advice and try and adapt as it’s a really nice phone to use! So glad I picked it over the XR too, then again I got my 8+ for £640 after cashback :)


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Mar 24, 2010
I had the HTC 10, a great phone, but occasionally felt it was too big. The Plus series iPhones are just too big for me, and I'm happy with the size of my previous 6s and current 7 and X. I tried using the 6 Plus for a while, but I found it way too uncomfortable.


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Apr 24, 2016
It’s a question of personal preference. Nobody will be able to determine if you like the device or not. I do like mine a lot for sure.
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Jul 1, 2008
The pros heavily outweighs the cons with the 8 Plus, IMO. It’s a bit unwieldy at first but after a few days it becomes normal to use.


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Dec 19, 2018
If you find that you can fit the 8 Plus in most of the places you carry your phone, then definitely opt for that. The bigger screen will grow on you. It's just so much nicer for viewing anything. It's all around a better phone I would say.