iPhone Accessories Guide: Our Favorite Picks for 2019

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    The iPhone has been around for more than 10 years, which has given accessory manufacturers time to come up with all manner of useful add-ons that enhance, protect, and charge your iPhone.

    There are so many iPhone accessories on the market that we can't go through them all, but in this guide, we're highlighting some products that we think are among the best accessories you can get for the iPhone. We'll be updating this guide over time to add new items, remove old items, and highlight great products we come across, so make sure to check back in from time to time.


    Cases and Screen Protectors

    There are an endless number of iPhone cases and screen protectors on the market, and here at MacRumors, we've tested much of what's available. I'm not going to go through every iPhone case that you can get because that list would be endless, but will instead highlight some of the favorites that we've used over the years and some of the favorite brands of our readers.

    - Silicone Cases from Apple ($35 to $39) - Apple designs iPhone cases to go along with its iPhones, and because these are Apple created, they're a perfect fit for every iPhone. Apple's silicone cases are grippy, thin enough not to add a lot of bulk, and, most importantly, protective. I've been using silicone cases almost exclusively on my iPhones since the iPhone 6, and through many, many drops, some quite significant, my iPhones have always survived intact. If you don't like the feel of silicone, which some people don't, Apple also has a great selection of leather cases that are just as protective.

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    That Nomad Base Station is definitely going to be my father's day present this year.
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    There’s some good stuff here.
    Want to say though, that as opposed to the RhinoShield case that accommodates separately purchased lenses, I just got a very nice case that came with 3 screw on lenses for $22US from Amazon.
    This was for an XS Max, not sure about other models.
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    I just ordered a Sandmarc wide angle lens earlier today. Good to hear it has a recommendation from MR. I was really tempted to go with the Moment system, but since I mostly do still images, I went the slightly cheaper route.

    Someday I'll get a gimbal and that anamorphic lens and have a lot of fun with video though... amazing combo.
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    I have the Logitech 7.5W stand and I must say it's a wonderful product. It looks like an Apple product (except, this is actually shipping).
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    Thank you on the Cable Bites! How cool! Ordered the 12 pack from Amazon tonight.
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    I'd recommend the QuadLock series of phone cases and mounts - best way to mount your phone on the bike/car/motorcycle IMO. Really well designed and super safe.
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    Maybe a dumb question, but does the Mujjo wallet case work with wireless charging?
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    It might work with some chargers that can handle the additional thickness that the card pocket adds, but any cards with mag stripes should probably be removed. Some folio cases have magnets that can also damage them.
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    Some side notes on Gimbals

    DJI Osmo Mobile 2:
    1: They did away with the trigger button which almost all gimbals have.
    2: Do to the design of most gimbles no easy way to attach external mics. The lighting port buts up against the axis arm.
    This method throws off the balance and then you need weights on gimbal arm to rebalance which makes setup a pain.
    3: You cannot charge your phone and use gimbal at the same time.
    4: If you use the iPhone 6+, 7+ or 8+ with a case it will be difficult to vertical balance as case hits up against gimbal motor.
    5: No removable battery like in first model.

    Zhiyun Smooth II 3Axis Gimbal?
    Not clear why MR would still be recommending this model (reviewed in 2016 by MR) when there is a newer model out, Zhiyun Smooth 4 which goes for $119 on Amazon.
    1: This is one of the biggest and clunkiest gimbals out there for mobile devices.
    2: The only mobile device gimbal I found that has a remote control feature:

    I wish DJI would incorporate that feature. Forum boards have been requesting it.

    Snoopa Atom 3
    1: This is one of the smallest foldable gimbals out.
    2: It has a unique design that does not block access to the lighting port.
    3: It some of the longest battery life out there, a claimed 24 hours
    4: It can wirelessly charge your phone while you are using it. (or you charge your phone from gimbal via cable).
    5: When not in use, you can lock all three gimbal motors so they are not flopping around.
    6: Uses USB C to charge gimbal.
    7: Has 3 customizable buttons
    8: Because of unique design gimbal self balances. Not tricky setup like on other gimbals.
    1: In certain situations is does have more limited range of motion. Refer to Youtube reviews for further details.
    2: No removable battery.

    I own both the DJI Omso Mobile 2 and the Snoopa.
    I have not used the Snoopa extensively yet so I am not recommending it over the DJI Osmo Mobile 2, just showing an alternative to what MR has suggested.

    Interested in seeing a MR review of DJI's latest gimbal, DJI Omso Pocket:

    Keep in mind that all of these mobile gimbals will have some issue with the built in OIS on iphones, which cannot be turned off.
    It can research that on Youtube.
    I wish Apple would address this somehow as they sell DJI gimbals in their stores.
    snoopa atom 3 300x300.jpg

    Moment Lenses:
    1: One thing to point out is the 58mm tele-lens and the older 60mm tele-lens on the iPhone 8+ has vignetting.
    This is coming from the Moment people themselves (see 3:57 mark of video below):

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    In the market for a selfie stick and was hoping some would be included in the article. I could be wrong but seems like they are a popular accessory.
  12. tonmischa macrumors newbie

    Apr 22, 2007
    Bose QuietComfort 35 II
    Bluetooth Headphones

    - Best NoiseCancelling
    - Best Sound (Beats Pro pales in comparison)
    - Not the best Bluetooth Connection.
    - Not the best macOS/iOS Integration.

    Tested them all. Love my Bose.
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    May 18, 2019
    These accessories are indeed useful! Should I have money to buy all newly released iphone accessories, then I will, if that means I'll be more convenient with my iphone usage.

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