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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Rockoar, Jul 17, 2012.

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    Well, I don't really know if you guys have already discussed this topic but I've been wondering about this question for a long time and maybe there's someone here that can help me understand it better. Here's my question: why is Apple making their phones thinner and thinner instead of adding more battery to improve the phone battery life?

    I mean, thinner is great, but isn't Apple taking it too far? The current iPhone 4S is really thin, why make it even thinner? it is technologically viable to add a second battery in order to "double" the battery life? I know nothing about engineering so maybe this isn't possible to achieve. This can also be applied to other Apple devices. For instance, the new iPad it's almost all battery. Why didn't Apple did the same with the previous iPads in order to improve battery life? Hope someone here can explain me technically why this is/isn't possible, even if from an economic point of view this doesn't make sense to Apple.
  2. batting1000 macrumors 604

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    I believe it;s only possible to make a larger battery, rather than add multiple batteries. Batteries get thinner each year so it becomes easier to add bigger, thinner batteries. When I said thinner, I only mean a little bit.
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    If you'll notice with the iPhone 3Gs<iPhone 4 they shrunk down the logic board in the phone and added the system on a chip for GPU and CPU rendering. This in turn saved internal space and allowed for a bigger battery to fill the space which would otherwise be taken up on the 3Gs. If they can continue this process in shrinking down the components leaving more empty space then effectivity they can machine these products to be thinner while retaining or even gaining more battery capacity.

    I would just like to add one last thing. They've acquired some of the best engineers in the industry to lead this complex process. I guarantee that what two guys say on a forum has already been discussed.
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    Modern batteries can be basically thought of as a series of smaller batteries in parallel. As such, making a "bigger" battery is just adding more batteries to the line, so to speak.

    My opinion? Apple is happy with the ~12 hours of moderate use. Most people are ok with charging their phones overnight. If there is any space left over at the end of the day, Apple would rather add more hardware components or make the entire unit smaller. There just aren't enough people that want a 3000mAh+ battery out there for Apple to justify the change. I'd be happy with a bulkier phone if it means a bigger battery. most of the Android devices I have used have had a beefier battery pack added on. But I think I am in the minority here.

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