iPhone Battery draining FASTER just in the past 2-3 days ? Even when fully charged on standby


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Sep 30, 2011
Is it happening to anyone else ?
iPhone 7 I have but I have heard even people with androids and other phones have been draining unexpectedly in the last few days. RANDOMLY as if some program was running in the background.


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Sep 21, 2012
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I think the OP is coming up with textual drivel just to create a thread.

If some Android users are experiencing battery drain with their phone and apps etc., that has nothing to do with why you or any iPhone 7 use may be experiencing a battery drain.

1. Have you installed any new apps in the last 2 -3 days? If so, delete them and see if the battery drain continues over the next few days.
2. Are you running beta software? If so, that can account for some or all of the battery drain problems.
3. Check your settings and make sure one or more apps are not constantly relying on location status.
4. Try resetting all network settings
5. If the problem is still continuing, you can try setting up the phone as new, and then installing one nonstock app at a time, to try and ascertain if one of the apps is the cause of the battery drain


Jan 10, 2012
My wife had a problem with her 6s+ that caused her phone to drop like a brick from 100% to 40% and then it would randomly shut off. Of course this was a problem with the battery and slowly manifested itself over the course of a 1.3 year ownership and 300+ cycles. Apple replaced the phone for free. (AppleCare+ ftw).

Just some babbling from me. I'm with @BasicGreatGuy on this one.
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