Iphone dropped into a lake in April.... still working!!


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Jan 31, 2012
Back in April of 2012 my iphone was dropped from a dock into a lake. It fell into around 6 feet of water. Due to the way the lake level's are maintained it was out of the water this weekend. I picked it up and cleaned it a touch. Believe it or not, the darn thing turns on when you plug it in. The screen is a little fudged up and it won't hold a charge or connect to the computer, but the damn thing turns on.
It was underwater for almost 6 months.



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Dec 30, 2007

My 4s was in my pocket when I jumped in a pool once. It was totally submerged.

I shook it out, hit it with a hair dryer on medium heat for an hour or 2, put it in a bag with desiccant packets for a few days. The phone ended up 100% ok, NO indication it had ever been wet. I was amazed.


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Jul 4, 2007
Atlanta, GA
Take it into an Apple Store and act like it just stopped working. Don't clean it up though. Ask them to check the water sensors. I'm honestly surprised that it turns on at all, that thing should have shorted out more than the battery. Does it boot all the way up?

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